Protect your computer from harmful viruses and malware.

How to protect pc from virus

The amount of viruses that are now present within the web is similar to the amount of germs and flu viruses that are present in everyday society, so how do you protect your computer from these viruses ?. Avoiding them can be tricky as they are constantly in operation. However, there are now a number of programs and tools that can be implemented within a computer system that can radically lower the risk of infection from Trojans, Worms, Spyware and the various forms of Malware that exist on the web and on the computer platform. In this article we will take a look at some of the more popular forms of software for dealing with viruses and will also look at some of the things to think about when working in the digital environment.

Ad-aware antivirus

Ad-aware antivirus software is currently one of the most popular forms of antivirus software within the industry and is popular thanks to the non-intrusive design of the program as well as the quick and easy installation process that it presents to the user. There is also a free version of this antivirus software which has been designed to protect against Malware and other forms of viruses that are currently popular. The software will come into effect when one is browsing the web checking their email or downloading files.


Malwarebytes is another program that was developed and released in the early part of 2008 and now has gained popularity around the world with over 200 million users. The program contains software that focuses on the removal of viruses from the computer and is extremely good at doing so. By using Chameleon technology the program runs through infected systems triggering an app that can update and reinstall any drivers that seemed to be infected. The program is also popular thanks to the respected support network that it offers, as well as the wide selection of languages that it has built-in.

Consider the web browser that you use.

As well as installing antivirus software one should also consider the web browser that you use. Those that use software for Web browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome are less likely to suffer from virus attacks on their computer. The reason why these Web browsers are more secure than the others is because they are well programmed and simpler in their design. They also offer download speeds which are faster than other web browsers and have an interface that is simple but effective, making them harder to penetrate. The latest version of Firefox also includes a selection of new plug-ins that make the functionality of the web browser far better and more secure but even these can be attacked by malware and if you do a lot of surfing on the net or use email or social media on a regular basis a payed for program can be worth every penny.

Being aware of viruses when using a computer and surfing the web is always of importance.

Being fully sure that a link that you click on or an email that you open is genuine is always important when surfing the web. If you are receiving an email from someone that you do not know you should be very careful when opening it and clicking through to the links that it provides, as this can be a very common way to infect a computer with a virus. The email may be designed to look like something familiar such as a bank statement or a message from a well trusted website but this could in fact be a scam and may be designed to infect the computer.

Even being aware of how you use your computer and having your computers operating systems own built in anti-malware system running you can still be open to threats and attacks from the web, so as added precaution and peace of mind as sometimes you may not pick up on the bad link or dodgy site i like to use a full antivirus software program called Mc Afee which is all ways there running in the background ready to stop any potential threat.

I hope the above article has helped you in keeping your Computer or Laptop safe and secure from the nasty viruses and malware out there in webland…..